Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Last year I spent entirely too much time making my kids' Valentines. In my mind, it was supposed to be me gathering all the pieces/parts and them putting them all together but, of course it never plays out like what I imagine in the perfect little world inside my head. The kids lost interest after two or three and I was happy that they did because they weren't doing it right anyway (translation: the way I wanted them done). The little bugs said "I don't mean to 'bug' you, but will you be my Valentine?" Check out the squadron we amassed!

The bubblegum men had mouths made of Smarties and said, "Stick with me!" Very corny humor only appreciated by elementary aged children. We had a battalion of these guys too but they were hard to stand up and get a picture of. Did their classmates appreciate getting them? I have no idea. I hope that they at least took them home for their mothers to admire!

The lesson learned? Keep it simple, right? So why can't I just go to the local drug store and buy a silly box of Spongebob valentines and be done with it?! There's something inside me that won't let it happen. Plan B? Buy silicone heart shaped molds and peel about 100 crayons and break them up to melt in the heart molds. My fingernails are wrecked! I still have to print out the card stock that will say, "You color my world" or alternately "Be my Valentine for 'crayon' out loud!" Then my angelic children will assemble them and address them, right? We'll see. I'll post pics soon! :)

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Troy and Rachel said...

I love those Valentines!! I so need to get 'crafty'!!! I've been reading some Parents magazines and hope I can do some of those crafts soon. Thanks for sharing your blog. I'll be keeping up!