Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Foohy to the Democrats!

Matt Sullivan/Reuters

Here's my review on last night's debate - BOring!!!!!! It started off with both of them going on and on about their health care plans which are almost identical and which neither one will get passed by congress if they make it to the office. It got worse from there. I did leave it on for the entire 90 minutes - or however long it lasted - and tried to pay attention.

What was more on my mind, honestly, was my son's confession at dinner of stealing Foohys out of his friend's desk. WHAT?! Yes. My son is a criminal in the making. No, what is a Foohy? Oh. A Foohy is a little bald guy with big ears and something coming out of the top of his head that you can stick on the end of your pencil and erase with. Here's what it looks like:

Wait a minute - - they're not bald guys - - they're "monkey heads!"

I digress. What has gotten into my son? Why is a kid, who has way too much already, fixating on something as silly as this and feeling deprived? Last night he had to write a letter of apology to his friend (at least three sentences long) and stick it in an envelope along with the stolen Foohys and return them today. After he finished his letter, he put himself to bed early (he always does this when he gets in trouble). He seems pretty remorseful but my husband says it could just be remorsefulness of getting caught. I hope not.

So the only issue that Hillary and Barack could've captured my interest with last night was their plans for keeping six year old boys on track and out of juvenile correction facilities. For some reason, that didn't get brought up...........


Anonymous said...
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Life Junkie said...

Update - he struck again and stole another Foohy yesterday! That's strike two! Needless to say, the consequences are getting bigger and Barack better hurry up and get in the White House soon to solve this problem!