Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The problem with standardized tests in our schools....

As critical adult thinkers, I want to see if you can come close to answering what my 3rd grade son is expected to parrot back in writing on his Virginia Standards of Learning exam. Remember, these are questions based on living in the United States. Good luck! Here we go.
  1. These are things that people must or must not do.
  2. Which decision making requires comparing both the opportunity cost and the monetary cost of choices with benefits?
  3. What are rules that people live by?
  4. All choice require giving up ____________. (opportunity cost)
  5. What is the purpose of rules?
  6. Name three natural resources.
  7. Tell the three purposes of government.
  8. What is a place where people can live, work and play?
  9. Who protects the rights and property of individuals?
  10. What is the choice of or decision among alternatives or possibilities?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The E.T.Scarf

The other day my four year old nephew called. It was our first real phone conversation! He was so cute when he asked me to knit him a scarf. He said, "Tia Ellie, can you make me a scarf with stripes?" How could I even think about turning him down? I asked him what his favorite colors were and he very carefully told me they were, "Red (long pause), blue (more thinking), green (are you still there?), and black." Then he remembered one more thing. "Please put some tassels on the ends." How polite!

I was at Mosaic Yarn Shop yesterday and bought all the supplies. My first attempt was a little too short but I kept going hoping it would lengthen once I took it off the needles. No such luck. It wasn't even big enough for his two year old brother but it fit E.T.'s skinny neck just right. That's how the scarf got its name. Now am at work on the real one with enough yarn left and should have it done in time to give it to him during the Easter weekend when I will see him. I think I'll give him the E.T. doll too, if it doesn't freak him out too much!

I hope that every time he wears it, he will feel his Tia hugging him from miles away.