Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Knitting Blog and Podcast

My friend Julie and I have created a podcast. Well, Julie has come up with the idea, outlined the segments, recorded it, added music, put it together and posted it and I just talked a little bit. Hopefully, I will be a better contributor going forward but she is WAY smarter than me and has grown children out of the house which gives her more free time to. I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous.

I think the podcast came out pretty good and that it will be enjoyable for people to listen to, if they know me, even if they don't knit. We definitely had fun doing it and I am becoming a more motivated knitter, as a result. It's embarrassing to talk about scarves and washcloths all the time!

Have a visit and a listen and tell me what you think! (click below)

House Mountain Knits

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Hello, people of the Internetz!

It's been a long time! I have been up to no good and am re-entering the blogosphere after a long hiatus that had no rhyme or reason.

Who has missed me? HA! HA! I laugh because, if you did miss me, you need to get a life!

The world wide web has changed a lot since my old blogging days. Here are some of the places I've made my presence known:
  • Ravelry - What a fun place for crafty fiber people. I've even met some who spend as much time there as others do on Facebook!
  • Pinterest - Another up-and-coming place of a crafty nature - at least for me...
  • Google+ - Kind of a sad little Facebook wannabe. I opened an account here when Facebook made me mad about some sort of privacy invasion which I now can't remember. : /
My friend Julie & I are starting a new blog to go along with our knitting podcast. I will be posting information on that soon and hope everyone (knitters and non-knitters) will check it out!

Until then, Happy Mardi Gras!