Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm the Heely Nazi

Ever since Christmas Break, my son has been asking if he can wear his Heelys to school. I could just picture him flying down the hallways at break neck speeds to impress his friends and have repeatedly told him no. Recently, he has started reporting the daily list of kids who wore Heelys in order to get me to change my mind. I didn't believe him until I saw it for myself one day! I emailed the principal that very evening and asked what the school policy was and she said that it was allowed as long as you didn't roll with them. Give me a break! What six year old is going to wear wheels on the bottom of his shoes and then tip toe around all day without using them?! I knew I'd be setting my son up for failure, if I let him wear his so, what did I do? I got the principal to change the policy to ban them altogether! She joked and asked me if she could say the rule was initiated because of me. I had to laugh. My kids would be shunned by every kid in school for sure! As a kid, I used to live in fear that my parents would do something like this and I'd lose what little popularity I had. In my reply to my children's principal, I recommended that she not only plaster my name on the new policy but she should also threaten that any kid caught with them on would have their Heelys confiscated by me and I would throw them in my boiling cauldron! I should also have suggested the post script, "Any parents who thought it was a good idea to send their kids to school in Heelys in the first place should get a clue." That way, not only would my kids be unpopular but I could join them in being ostracized.

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