Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birthdays, movies, and hoity toity offices

Today is my birthday!! Happy birthday to me!! I began celebrating yesterday when I arranged* for my husband to take me out to my favorite restaurant and to see the movie Juno. It was a good movie but had me squirming in my seat a bit. Having gone through two adoptions, the desperation I saw in the adoptive mother reminded me of how I must've looked when I met the birth mothers of my children. I also wondered if my husband felt as forced into a situation he wasn't ready for as the husband in the movie. One thing I was happy to see the movie get right was how difficult and selfless it is for birth mothers to do what they do. Not only do they not take the easy way out (an abortion) but they suffer through a pregnancy that they have no reward for in the end. I am truly grateful that there are people out in the world like this! Our story, by the way, has a WAY happier ending than the adoptive couple on the screen!

We had an hour to kill between dinner and the movie and being in the small town we are in, there weren't many options of things to do. My husbands office with his slot car race track was within walking distance so we decided to go there and surf the net and play slot cars. I snapped these photos in his gorgeous new digs (he moved into this building last summer) while he watched some silly ski sock puppets on his computer. We never did play slot cars!

This is the lobby where students sometimes sit and study. My husband's office is through that door behind the second red chair.

There is always a fresh arrangement on this table.

I took some self-portraits in the posh bathroom (I'll need to photoshop out the air freshener), and the stairwell (my favorite).

I'm going to spend the rest of the day scrapbooking and will post some pages in future days.....

*arranged means I had the idea, made the dinner reservation, procured a babysitter, found the movie and called to find the times. If I don't do all this, I never get to go out!


PatrĂ³n ha dicho y lo reitera said...

First of all: Happy BirthDay!!!

I haven´t seen The movie Juno Yet but i promise i Will, thank´s for the advise.

The pictures of your husband office are great, it seem like a very nice place to work.

Keep the Bloger Life going!


David A. Davison said...

Happy Birthday to you, and many, many more.

Too bad you missed out on the slot car fun, but hey, sock puppets are great too.

Take care.