Saturday, February 9, 2008

This is Kellie!

Doesn't she look fun? If you ever get a chance to meet her, you'll know she totally is - and so is her shop! It's called Kellie's Gift Boutique and it's in Fairfield, Virginia. Her personality definitely comes through in her shop and this woman has creative ideas out the wazoo! If you're a vendor of unique items in the Southwest Virginia area, you definitely need to talk to her about business opportunities!

I had lunch with her there yesterday and snapped these photos in between bites of the best sandwiches from Blue Sky Bakery.

I can't go into her shop without getting something! Check out my cool shades and the necklace and earrings! I snapped up a couple of Lil'Kinz for Valentine's Day (50% off). My favorite purchase yesterday, these fun shoelaces from Little Missmatched. Check 'em out!

I think my daughter's birthday party is going to have a mismatched theme. The possibilities are endless!

She also carries jewelry, purses, home decor accessories, candles from Beanpod Candles, yummy chocolates, I could go on and on but instead, let me just show you a few displays I snapped:

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