Sunday, February 24, 2008


I've moved around a lot in my life and have no problems making new friends. What I'm really bad at is keeping old ones. It seems, when I move, my life changes and people who I used to have so much to talk about with, all of a sudden seem like strangers. After a few awkward conversations we both implicitly decide to fade into each other's pasts.

There are a handful of people out there that I keep in touch with and I am so grateful to have them in my life. My friend, Stacie and I met at Ohio State when we joined a band for non-music majors. We were classified as the two worst flute players and we totally didn't care! We hit it off right away and loved to go out and just be goofy. She teased the boyfriend I had at the time mercilessly. It would crack me up (he was kinda pathetic, after all)! When I finally broke up with him, she helped me celebrate. Then, when I met my future husband, she was there gushing about how gorgeous he was (He still is).

It was easy to stay in touch when I graduated because I stayed in Columbus (Stacie is four years younger so she still had a ways to go). It got harder once I moved away and started a new job. Her life took her into a young marriage and pregnancy right away. This is us shortly before I moved away in 1993.

It's been twenty years since we've met. She's been through two divorces and had two kids - one's a teenager now. She's struggling as a single mom but is totally turning her life around after a WAY ugly divorce. She looks better than I've ever seen her and at least ten years younger than she actually is (at least from what I can tell on MySpace). I've been happily married for seventeen years, am working part-time, and look every bit of my forty three years. I'm living in a small town far away from her. You'd think we'd drift apart or have nothing in common at this point. Maybe we don't but we're connected in some way and she is one of my most cherished friends. She never forgets to call me on my birthday! That's more than I can say about some family members (Greg, I mean you).

So what's my point? I don't know! I guess I'm happy to have a friend like Stacie around! You're the best, Stace, and I'm your biggest fan! :)

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