Saturday, July 5, 2008

Outer Banks T-Shirts

Every year we go to the Outer Banks in NC with Scott's family. My mother-in-law always does a "pirate day" where the pirates come and leave treasure on the beach for the kids. She goes all out with decorations, tatoos, bags and goodies and it's her favorite day.

The grandkids now number eight and the age range is three months to ten years old. She asked me to do T-shirts for everyone since it's getting impossible to find the same shirt in that big of a range of sizes. I'm really pleased with my first attempt and wanted to share the end result.

I found a place online that just sells T-shirts so was able to get blank ones in a broad size range. Then I found some clip art I liked and printed it on to iron on printer paper (you have to remember to reverse the words so they look right when you iron them on). The skulls that I imagined to be white didn't come out that way when I ironed them on (Duh! The printer won't put white ink on the transfer!). I found these white fabric paint markers at our local craft store to color in the skulls. This worked well but made me realize I probably need bifocals! It was so hard to focus on those edges! Lastly, for the girls, I sewed little beads to the collar to add a little bling. I can't wait to see them on the kids!


Anonymous said...

wow... that's a great idea. I saw t shirts at t shirt whirl and discount t shirt outlet and i was wondering if i could make my own. Have you tried washing them yet?

Life Junkie said...

Update: the T-shirts looked great for the pirate hunt but they didn't survive the first washing very well. Fabric paint doesn't stick to iron-on transfers very well.....