Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another poem

My son just came in as I was surfing my favorite blogs and thinking about a post for the day. He had on a ninja mask and a baseball cap and told me he wanted to recite a poem for me. I said OK wondering why he was dressed like one of Michael Jackson's children and thinking he'd tell me a poem he had heard in school or something. He proceeded to recite this:

My bed is made of money.

My mom is made out of metal.

And my soul is rotten dirty.

And who cares about the mayor!

It's his own creation although I suspect that it was inspired by something. I probably will never find out the source or why it was necessary to say it with a ninja mask. He is really into earning money at the moment to fuel his obsession of playing Wii. I'm guessing the metal mom reference probably originated from watching Transformers. He really has not demonstrated any curiosity about God or religion in general so the third line has me baffled. I'm pretty sure he is not concerned with the purity of his soul. The last line sounds like it was just inserted for rythmic/rhyming purposes. Interestingly though, he corrected me when I typed the last word "mare" and he wanted to be sure that I typed the word for a "rich guy."

It was definitely entertaining enough for a post, though, don't cha think?

I have a wonderfully strange son!


seven said...

That's a funny poem... kids are great.

David A. Davison said...

At least it didn't start with "There once was a man from Nantucket" as so man of my sons poems seem to start these days...

Anonymous said...

oh i love it! we need more...and the ninja mask makes it all the more dramatic!