Monday, July 14, 2008

No More Money!!!!!!

I just got an email from the Obama campaign that asked me to watch this video. It’s basically a plea for more money. Their rationale is the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee has raised almost $100 million and is claiming to outspend the Obama campaign 3-to-1 in TV advertising over the past few months. They say that most of this is on untrue negative ads. Barack’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, says he needs all of Obama’s 1.7 million donors (which includes me) to contribute yet again to be able to defend themselves against this McCain advantage.

I wish I could pick up the phone and ask Mr. Plouffe and Mr. Obama some questions. If I could here’s what they would be:

  1. Why is it the person who has the most money is assured to win? Does that mean they think that most voters are stupid and basing their decision to vote on the candidate who has enough money to be in our face on TV the most? I myself vote on issues and qualifications and am not in the least influenced by a slick commercial slamming the other candidate.
  2. Considering how much more successful the RNC/McCain organization has been at raising money the past two months, wouldn’t it have been better for Barack to have stuck to his promise for public funding to keep a level playing field? Did he get too cocky about his grassroot support?

I had a really positive experience getting involved and hosting my recent “Unite for Change” house party but have since been inundated with Democrats’ requests for money. It’s really bummed me out to see all these politicians with their hands out asking for money.

Gas prices are out of control which are affecting the price of everything. There are so many poor people in this world struggling to survive. Do politicians really think they deserve my family’s hard earned money over us and all the struggling people out there? I’m still voting for Obama in the fall but I’m sorry, David Plouffe. You’re barking up the wrong tree!

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David A. Davison said...

You should point them to your BLOG and ask them for their support since you are campaigning for them. $10.00/month until the election. Watch them run.

They Patty Boyd book, I almost bought it to read this past week-end at Barnes & Noble. I just read Eric Clapton's book in January and would like to know her view of things. Let me know if it's good.