Saturday, July 26, 2008

My blog going forward

When I first began this blog in October, I barely knew what blogging was. Amazingly, most of my friends are still at this stage. The other night at book club, I mentioned something I wrote on my blog and they looked at me like a had a third arm growing out of the top of my head. "You wrote in your what?!"

My posts in the beginning were innocuous with the subject matter limited to loving the fall season and posting my kids' artwork. Lately, I've been branching out in my posts and I must say I've pissed some people off. (I can say "pissed" now because my dad has told me he's stopped reading what I have to say due to one of these more controversial posts. Pissed! Pissed! Pissed!)

I hear the really big bloggers say that they have to grow a thick skin to be able to do what they do. While I admire their blogging savvy and success, I do not aspire to join their ranks. There is just too much pressure at their level and I do this for fun.

That being said, I do enjoy all the comments from people and hope to hear more from the cyber-world. I appreciate all sides and perspectives and it helps me to broaden my thinking. I plan on posting my thoughts on controversial issues in the future and not shy away from my convictions. I hope my friends and family will support me (even when they disagree with what I'm saying). If anyone I have a relationship with thinks that this will damage the relationship, I respect your decision to stop visiting. I'd rather have your love and/or friendship than your readership.


Ronnica said...

I like to blog and get comments too. I don't mind blogging about controversial issues, but I try to do it in a way that won't infuriate someone that doesn't agree with me (I mean, maybe it will, but it won't be because of the way I said what I said).

Life Junkie said...

My problem is tip toeing around sensitive people. These are the people who love the whole "politically correct" movement that makes me crazy. They can be offended by the most benign innocent comments. I actually want to shock them out of their sensitivity! Not what Jesus would do, I know.....