Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama won!!!!

I am so excited I took a picture of my breasts! I gave everyone in my family Obama t-shirts for Christmas. Whether or not they wear them is a different story. Whether or not they'll fill their t-shirts out as nicely as I did is impossible! The best thing about the primary in Iowa is that Hillary Clinton came in third!!! Ouch! I was hoping that voters would see through her well-oiled political machine and vote on the issues and Iowans didn't disappointment me. Thank you Iowans!

Buying t-shirts was more politically active than I've ever been. The other thing I did was register on Barack Obama's website to get updates. In early December he asked us to write letters of encouragement to the volunteers at the campaign headquarters in Iowa. I hand wrote five letters to different cities in Iowa thanking them for their hard work helping the Obama campaign. It's fun getting involved and feeling a part of the process and Barack is great at tapping into that energy.

I'm hoping New Hampshire plays out the same way!

On a side-note: Congratulations too to Mike Huckabee who ran a positive campaign. He's a little too evangelical for me and I can't image a world with a "President Huckabee" but I like him better than the rest in the Republican group!

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