Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm cleaning dah-ling!

I bought these fabulous rubber gloves the other day at The Paisley Palmetto gift website. My friend, Alicia, runs it from Hawaii. She has gathered a collection of very cool, unique gifts that you have to check out. She was the first mom I met in the MOMS Club who wore stilettos, and in this small town, that takes guts! I KNEW, when she announced she was opening a shop, that it would ooze style! I have three pairs of these gloves now (two for friends and one for me) because, if you have to clean the toilet, why not make it feel a little more glamorous? It's my first purchase from her site but I know there will be more. On top of the one-of-a-kind gifts she offers, her customer service and follow up are unmatched! You go Alecia!

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