Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Musical Discovery

We saw Jessy Lynn perform on Saturday. My friend, Kellie, had a little festival with booths, hot dogs and live country music at her shop in Fairfield. It was a lot of fun! My daughter and her best friend got to meet this up-and-coming country singer and picked her a bunch of dandelions. Jessy Lynn is twenty-one years old and a newlywed (I had to tell her about my brother in Hawaii). She thought the girls were so sweet. She autographed her CD for them and, after she comes back from Nashville as a famous country music singer, it'll be worth millions! We listened to it all the way home. She doesn't seem to have an internet presence yet. If I was more savvy with blogging and computer stuff, I'd rip a song or two off of her CD and put a link to it here...... Is that illegal????

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