Saturday, April 5, 2008

I won a major award!

Oh My Seven just gave me an award! I told her it totally turned my day around and I wasn't exaggerating! Recently I posted sixteen random facts about myself and one of them was hating kids birthday parties. My kids have birthdays this month and next and it takes everything in me to get through the festivities. I had just gotten home from an indoor pool party for my now ten year old and my frazzle meter was above register. Do you know how loud a 4th grader can scream? Do you know how much the sound of a scream is amplified in an indoor pool?! Do you know that when one kid screams, it sets of a chain reaction? I wasn't aware of the answers to these questions until a few short hours ago.

So it was in this state of mind, with a newly mixed Mojito in my hand, that I checked my email and found this lovely message about my award. Then it reminded me of a classic scene from A Christmas Story. Have you seen this? It makes me laugh every time!

So now I am supposed to nominate who I think deserves this major award. I'm listing all the blogs that I have to check out on an almost-daily basis (Oh My Seven, you're among them but you've already won):


Chef Messy


Adventures of a Not-So-Dumb Blonde

Happy Mundane




seven said...

Hehe... That lamp is so hideous. I love that movie.

Chef Messy said...

Aw, you're so nice! I feel like I've been really neglecting my blog lately, so it makes me happy to know you still like it! I can totally see why you won this award, btw! Your blog is always so fun to check out--I learn new things all the time!

Jon said...

thanks so much for the nomination!

supa said...

My comment didn't go through over the weekend -- thanks for the nom, ellie!