Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A First Grade Definition of Violence

My son was reading "Little Red Riding Hood" to me today. It's the version where the hunter (who in the illustration was dressed like a business man with a fedora and appeared to have no weapons on his person) cuts Red Riding Hood and the Grandmother out of the wolf's stomach. I asked how he did that and my son told me his weapons were stashed in his pockets. Also, in this version, the Grandmother sews the wolf up after Red Riding Hood goes out and finds some heavy rocks to put in his stomach. All while the wolf is sleeping. He wakes up and takes a couple of steps and then dies. I commented on the lack of blood in this procedure and my son said, "Mom, it's not exposed to be violent. It isn't Violent Red Riding Hood."

So now you know, you can cut animals open, stitch them up with foreign objects inside them so that it subsequently kills them, but as long as you don't show weapons or blood, it's not considered violent to a first grader....

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