Sunday, December 16, 2007

Scary Atheists

The USCCB recently reviewed The Golden Compass suggesting that instead of a boycott, it may be appropriate for Catholic parents to "talk through any thorny philosophical issues" with their children. Then, on December 10th, they withdrew their review with no explanation. Hmmmm. The Catholic League calls for an all out boycott. Of course all this guarantees that I MUST now read the books and see the movie! I respect the beliefs of atheists just as much as I do Muslims, Hindus, Buddists, and any other belief out there (exceptions for Scientology and Mormons - sorry guys, I like you, I just think your beliefs are a little whacked out). I don't find atheists scary or dangerous at all. In fact, I read a FANTASTIC essay by Penn Jillette (off Penn & Teller) explaining how a person can be good and an atheist at the same time. At first, I thought that I wouldn't take my kids to see the movie but I'm rethinking that. I don't want them to turn into atheists (but, if they do, I won't try to dissuade them). I don't really think that will happen to ANY kid who goes and sees the movie anyway. So with that being said, check out my daemon then go take the test and let me know what your daemon is!


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