Monday, December 10, 2007

It's finally looking like Christmas!

I finally carved out a little time to set up some of the Christmas decorations in my house. My husband says that anything beyond one Christmas tree and maybe a wreath on the door is excessive. What a Grinch!

I found this lovely wall hanging at Walmart of all places! It looks quite nice over the fireplace. I hope it's not too flammable...

This is my fancy living room tree. All my life I have wanted a coordinated tree with harmonious ornaments and accessories and WHITE LIGHTS. For some reason, I wasn't that motivated to get it together before kids and now that the kids are in the mix, it's been impossible to decorate the family Christmas tree in anything but the tackiest lights and mismatched ornaments. Since I've added the second tree, I can fully embrace our tacky Christmas tree with the star made of aluminum foil and the stuffed Homer Simpson doll hidden in the branches! Wait'll I post pictures and you'll see what I mean...

Check out this close-up of my FAVORITE photograph taken by my very talented cousin in Mexico. With the Christmas lights reflecting off it, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!

Lastly, there's my daughter's cat. He has this habit of spreading himself across the dining room table as soon as I put on a fresh table cloth. It ensures us of a nice mouthful of cat fur when we next sit down to eat. It's a wonder we're not all hacking hairballs! I was trying to make some Christmas cards last night (didn't get very far and am hoping Target will have a nice alternative as homemade cards are not happening this year) and the cat was taking over!

I still have about ten boxes left to unpack! By the time I get it all out, it'll be time to start packing it up again!

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