Thursday, December 20, 2007

The OTHER tree...

As promised, I am showing off some of my more bizarre ornaments. I was complaining about this tree earlier thinking it was as beautifully ugly as it could get and I now know I was wrong. It can get even uglier! For the last eight years we've been buying our tree from the Christmas tree farm that grows only blue spruces. Well -- this year they ran out in early December with no warning whatsoever! I was devastated. By the time we found out, most of the other tree lots had shut down and we were left with one option - the artificial tree! Time for our daily trip to Walmart! I wanted to fully surrender and buy the fakest looking white pipe-cleaner one. The kids wanted to get the tallest, priciest one and my husband wanted something that would fit in the car. He won and now we have the almost-fakest multi-colored short tree that the store had to offer. Not only did he get the tree he wanted, but he also got me to promise not to complain about it for the next three years! As you can see, I had my fingers crossed when I made that promise. So mature, I know. So now the tacky ornaments can be hung on an even tackier tree!

Yoda looks right at home next to Sinterklaas's side kick, Black Piet, doesn't he?

Check out my homemade tin foil star!

Christmas Homer was nestled all snug in his branch.....

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