Monday, November 26, 2007

Where have I been???

....I hear all my millions of readers asking in unison! Well, I'll tell you. After the glorious defeat the Buckeyes handed to the Wolverines, I immediately switched gears (well, after I got over the Bloody Mary hangover) and my family and I packed our bags and headed to San Fransisco to visit my tia.

She's an incredible, fun loving, trend setting lady who I admire with all my heart. Sadly, this is her first Thanksgiving without her soul mate, my Uncle Roy. He passed away this past summer.

Here's some of the sights we saw when we were there.

Lombard Street

The Golden Gate Bridge

My son is riding in the upstairs part of this carousel (hard to see him...) I always take pictures of pigeons wherever I go. Here are some gay pigeons eating sour dough.

Pier 39 sea lions

A lovely view from Twin Peaks

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and colorful family! Thank you for some beautiful memories!

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