Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Bo Schembeckler died and went to heaven. St. Peter met him at the gate. "It is so great to have you here Coach." St. Peter leads Bo to a nice little 2 bedroom ranch home painted maize and blue. Upon entering, Bo finds the house decorated in Michigan colors with "M"'s all over. St. Peter leads Bo to the nice backyard with patio. Bo looks up on the high hill above his new home and sees a giant mansion all decked out in Scarlet and Gray and a big Block "O" flag flying on the flag pole. Bo turns to St. Peter and angerly asks: "Why in the heck does Woody get such a big house and I get this little ranch house??" "Oh," says St. Peter, "that is not Woody's house, that is God's house."

Lloyd carr is on the Ohio 5 yard line in the closing seconds of a game
tied 14 - 14 and prays for inspiration. He looks to the heavens and says
"God what play should I call." God answers "throw a flat pass to the
right". Lloyd calls the play and it is intercepted and returned all the
way for a touchdown giving Ohio State the win. Lloyd once again looks to
the heavens and says "God why did you call that play". God pauses and
says "Hey Woody why did we call that play?"

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