Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Coffee Shop

I love my coffee shop! I stop there most mornings for my double shot skinny latte that I grab and scoot out the door. I don't even have to order anymore. Last week, Courtney saw my car go by and by the time I got parked and in the door, my drink was ready! The best part about the shop is the people that work there. Courtney gave me advice on how to get my sick cat to eat something (babyfood), and gave me the coolest earrings that don't work for her anymore. She also gives tours of downtown in carriages. Kelly turned me on to Sufjan Stevens and the nuances of how to say $3.50 (tree fiddy). It came from a South Park episode called "Succubus." Carrie is so talented and makes beautiful jewelry. She also juggles another retail job downtown. Anna just started there and I don't know what all she has going on right now but I've known her since she was a home-schooled teenager starting high school. Most of this I've gleaned from our quick morning conversations while I wait for my coffee. They are all a great start to my day and I couldn't live without them (I had to say that because I gave them my blog address and they're checking this out - for the real scoop, go to KIDDING!).

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