Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Book Signing

I went to a book signing this evening with my friend Julie. Lisa Solod Warren was signing the collection of essays she edited, entitled Desire: Women Write About Wanting. It was my first book signing ever so I didn't know what to expect. I was a little let down because there was barely anyone there when we arrived about an hour into it. I guess that made it better for talking to Lisa, though, because she had time to do more than just sign the book. It turns out I know one of the other contributors in the book too. Jenny Siler wrote an essay that was included in the collection. We were done after about 10 minutes but neither of us wanted to call it a night when we had just gotten out so we grabbed some coffee and dessert. Julie was smart and did the decaf route and I'm totally wired and will be up all night. So to summarize, the book signing was kind of a dud but it was nice to get out and spend time with a friend.

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Anonymous said...

sorry it was a dud.....
hope you like the book better than the signing, which is what counts:)