Sunday, November 4, 2007

Deal? or No Deal???

My husband has threatened/ promised that, should I make an addition to the family in canine form, he will begin to take unapproved ski trips as often as he likes. I'm thinking he already does this. He goes out west at least once or twice during a season and takes another handful of day trips in the area.

He's very financially conservative which should curtail him from taking many more trips. That, plus the guilt of leaving us more frequently, should keep things at status quo regardless of a new four-legged family member. Lastly, the threat of skiing more will only affect our family from November through March but we'll have a pooch year-round. It doesn't sound like a bad deal. Right?

Here's what scares me though - it will be I who has to come home every day to let the dog out, take him to the vet, arrange for care when we vacation, take him for walks, pick up poop in the yard, etc. I won't be able to even think about asking Scott to help with any of this. If I do, I can hear the lecture already.

Should I do it? I love dogs. The kids are at a perfect age and will also get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Even Scott, who will pretend like he doesn't, will warm up to it. He grew up with dogs and loved every minute of it.

I'll keep you posted......

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