Monday, May 12, 2008

Wah, wah, wah

My mother's day kinda sucked yesterday.

First of all, there was no breakfast in bed after a lazy morning of flitting in and out of sleep. Instead, I was the first up and got stuck with dog duty. I always have dog duty as a consequence of deciding our family needed a dog but I thought maybe just this once, my husband would actually act like the dog exists and take him out. Didn't happen.

Then, I had to shower and get myself and the kids ready for Sunday school and church. I am usually the first to blow off church but once a month, I volunteer to do the children's liturgy. Scary that they put me in charge of it but, not to worry. I keep my cynicism at bay for the twenty minutes I am impacting these young and impressionable innocent children and molding their spiritual side. Anyway, this required my presence in church on a day I would much rather be relaxing.

After church, the day was not mine either. I had promised my son who turned seven today, that we would go on a road trip to Staples (of all places) to buy his most-desired birthday present - a pack of Foohys. So off we all went in the rain to do this.

We got home at 4:30pm and I decided to play the mom card here to take a nap. Naps never agree with me and end up making me feel queasy and groggy for the rest of the day. When I got up ninety minutes later, the sink was full of dishes, my husband was on the couch watching CNN and ignoring his kids, the laundry was still out of control, and the dog had a full bladder. I also still had birthday invites to finish for my son's party this weekend and cookies to make for his class birthday treat the next day.

To top the whole day off, I floated the idea to my husband that for Mother's Day, it would be cool if I could get some patio furniture that I saw at Walmart for $400. I was turned down cold and ended up getting into a big fight over it. Never mind that only recently, I told him to go ahead and get a new motorcycle even though the one he has now is not that old and in perfect condition. My irrational purchase apparently doesn't compare to THAT situation!

So there you have it. Poor, poor pitiful me! Hope all you mothers out there had a better day than me! :)

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David A. Davison said...

You should have said that you wanted a motorcycle of your own, a Buell Lightning or some other sui-cycle that all the kids are riding. Then he would have said "Honey, why don't we just go get you some patio furniture".

Happy Belated Mothers Day!

Oh, and I have to admire any child who's favorite store is an office supply firm. I prefer Office Depot, but Staples is great too!