Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Screen savers" .... they're not what you think!

I was shopping at Kellie's again. Her shop is so much fun (mostly because Kellie is there and she is one of my favorite people)! I bought an awesome purse which coming from me, says a lot. I do not change my purse depending on my outfit and put functionality before style. This purse is functional and I could totally someone like Paris Hilton or J Lo carrying it too. I will add a picture of it to this post soon.

Here's what I want to show you though. They're little double sided magnets for your screens. They come in dragon flies, suns, butterflies, frogs, and I can't remember what else. One part goes on the inside and one on the outside. Aren't they awesome? I bought ten but may have to go back and get more.....

The Derby is about to start so, I'll add to this post soon!

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