Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pichu update

For those of you afraid to ask, yes we still have our dog. He's getting better but still has issues.

The good things are that he is trainable and listens (he pee's when you say "hurry up," sits, lays down, and comes when you call him), he doesn't run away, he stays in his crate nicely when we are away, he's house broken, we're done with the worms (I'm knocking on wood now) and he loves the children.

The bad things are he barks too much, he practically destroyed my knitting last week, he is afraid of trash cans, blowing plastic, visitors, the cat, and anything new and unfamiliar.

He's ten months old now so hopefully he won't be getting much bigger. He is a good looking dog, don't you think?

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