Friday, May 2, 2008

OBX, here we come!!!!

I have the most awesome father-in-law! Almost every year since 2001, he has booked a beach house big enough for all the siblings and grandkids to gather for a week and do the beach thing. It started with our kids being the only two grandchildren and now, we're up to eight ranging in age from newborn to ten!

Here's the beach house he's lined up for this year:

The house is HUGE and has every amenity you can think of! I'm spoiled, I know. My goal is to provide the spoiling for the next generation and follow in my father-in-law's footsteps......

Since I wasn't blogging last summer, let me share a few personal pics from last year:

My son jumping waves

We watched some people catch crabs with chicken parts tied on strings. I think we might give it a try this year......

Our most awesome and bodacious host!

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