Monday, October 6, 2008

Well, he has imagination.....

A story by my 2nd grade son:

Todd and the Magic Surfer

One day in the 1580's, a boy named Todd, well he's not really a boy, he's an onion, met a magic surfer. They met on the battlefield in the desert. Todd and the magic surfer said hi and they started to fight. They made a bunch of people start fighting. Then, somebody said, "Will you hang me?"

Everybody said, "YES!"

So Todd's friend said, "Ahhhhh! I am hit!" Todd tried to kill the evil monster that hit his friend.

"Hiya," said Todd.

Superman fought and fought and fought. Batman came out of nowhere...BOOM... POW... KICK... CRASH... DONK... DESTROY ... KILL... BOOM... DESTROY... CRASH... BOOM! Then Superman turned to the dark side. Batman said, "No, not again!" BOOM!!!!!!!!!! Batman killed Superman? "Yes," said Batman, "I did!" Catwoman hurt Todd.

The End.

I love it!!!!

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