Saturday, October 4, 2008

No thanks...

My son came home from school the other day begging to go to this:

He has a little friend who doesn't believe dinosaurs existed who was handing these cards out in class. It was a tough explaining to a seven year old that as cool as it would be to see a strong guy rip a license plate in half, it was a trick to get him to go to church. You could see the wheels turning. How come we don't have any WWF wrestlers standing next to Father Joe on Sunday and squeezing washcloths (what exactly is that guy doing???). All our lame church does is sing and pray and stuff! I was more thinking, "What kind of bizarre church lures people in with greased up muscle men?" I looked 'em up online. It's very cryptic. I can't determine a denomination. I guess this Power Team spectacle is their way of not being "a bunch of bologna."

I don't think this church is the answer to all my religious uncertainty, though - muscle men or not.


DAWN said...

Uh yeah, this is more than a little twisted. There is so much wrong with this idea that I can't even begin to vocalize about it. Good call, mom.

KnitKat said...

Yes, I did find the stars BEFORE I got rid of the box, just after I took the pics. They're adorable. The whole box was wonderful - thank you so much!!