Thursday, October 9, 2008

Muslims are just people!

So I just watched this clip of a bunch of McCain supporters talking about crazy stuff. They all are convinced that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim or something (he's not). What really gets me is that, in their minds, Muslim = Terrorist. McCain and Palin KNOW this and are feeding this frenzy. I find it completely disgusting and feel sorry for them.

I just want to share a few examples of nice Muslims. Just in case anyone else is thinking Muslims are scary.

Benazir Bhutto - First Muslim female head of state for Pakistan. Assasinated on December 27, 2007. She was a brave woman. She had been exiled twice and came back to again run for public office. She knew her life would be in danger but she did it anyway. Now THAT is putting your country first!

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - I guess he's a famous basketball player or something. I've seen him on TV (not playing basketball). He seems nice.....

Dave Chapelle - Now he's a funny guy! OK - he looks scary in this picture but that's only because he's playing the artist formerly known as Prince. Prince is a scary person (not Muslim, though)! His music is awesome, but he gives me the heebie jeebies! But, back to my point. You see?! Muslims can be funny too!

Keith Ellison - Congressman representing Minnesota. Has anything blown up since he's been if office (he started January 2007)? NO. That just goes to show you that Muslims can be just as ineffective in congress as Christians, Jews or Atheists. Rep. Ellison doesn't flaunt his religion much but can you blame him with the climate out there?

I think everyone who is scared of Muslims should go to therapy where they have to sit in a room with a Muslim and see that they're normal people who share many of the same beliefs as the rest of us.

Everyone say it with me, "BEING MUSLIM IS NOT BAD OR SCARY."


DAWN said...

Great post, Ellie!! I second that. I remember when Benazir Bhutto was killed. I cried and felt such a sense of loss for this world. It was tragic, she really was a brave, giving soul.

ShannonAnn said...

I totally agree. I'm not an Obama or McCain fan (Oh Hilary, can I write you in?) but every time I hear someone say, "Obama is a Muslim" I think, so what?