Thursday, October 16, 2008

Letter to a fake plumber

Dear Joe the Plumber,

I’m used to politicians misrepresenting themselves, but you?! A blue collar, nine-to-five, hardworking father out playing football with his son in northern Ohio? I didn’t expect YOU to be a fake! What a slap in the face to find out 1) you’re passing yourself off as a plumber when you’re not licensed, 2) you’re passing yourself off as undecided when you registered Republican and voted in the Republican primary, 3) you don’t make anywhere near $250,000 (unless you significantly bumped up your earnings since 2006 when you made $40,000) nor (by your own admission) do you have the money to purchase this plumbing business as you told Barack Obama, 4) you OWE back property taxes which means you can’t even pay your fair share under the CURRENT system.

To steal a quote from Ms. Palin, who stole from a White Sox fan, “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”


Life Junkie

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