Saturday, September 27, 2008

A surprise in the mail!

My package arrived today! It came during the Ohio State game and it must have brought me good luck because we SO won the game! I should have taken a guess who my pal was before the package arrived because I suspected it was DawnRays but since I didn't say so before, it doesn't sound so credible, does it?

Here's what she sent me:

I've got three skeins to use as I wish (2 Katia peru skeins with an alpaca/acrylic/wool mix and one very punky Noro skein). Dawn MADE me the fishbone lace cowl which is WAY cool! The stitch markers (also made by Dawn) are my very first fancy markers. I got the spiderwebby cloth and pumpkin which will stay out as Halloween is approaching. She also sent me notecards and a shower sponge which will both be put to good use. How can someone I've never met know the exact right things to send?!

With a Buckeye win and my package, I can call this a perfect day!

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Knitterella said...

What a great package! Lucky girl :)