Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dogs or cats? A definitive answer

After watching Katie Couric's interview of Sarah Palin on CBS. Here's how I think Sarah Palin would respond to the question,

"Do you like dogs better or cats better?"

"I think that a dog can be fierce and loyal and a cat, ya' know, can be, oh - they have their good points. But you can't say that a dog or a cat is better or worse because, gosh!, we live in America and the people here are good, hard-working, folks. And everyone should put their country first and follow John McCain who is a maverick and has been a prisoner of war. And there were no dogs or cats in Vietnam to offer him comfort. So what I'm really trying to say is dogs are good and cats are good but we have to stand up for Main Street America and fight this economic crisis and not wave a white flag at people who are hell-bent on destroying America and our way of life like Barack Obama wants to do. Because that's just not right and all those American dogs and cats - we owe them more than that."

Check out her very own explanation to Katie about how the proximity of Alaska to Russia gives her foreign policy experience. It makes just about as much sense as the dog/cat argument:

You go, Sarah! I can't wait to watch you debate!

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Bella said...

Oh I can't wait for that debate either! I just think that it'll go to show that she doesn't really know what she is talking about!!! it's going to be exciting!!! :-)