Wednesday, March 12, 2008

iTunes Music Reviews

If you've never been shopping on iTunes, they have this feature where everyone can write reviews and rate the songs. The ones I usually notice the most are on the freebie songs that get offered every week. It seems these provoke the most emotional responses. Most of the reviews are really boring but, every once and a while, there's one or two that really crack me up - usually because they think the song is really bad. Here are some I came across for the freebies out there today:

If I get ear cancer, I will blame it on this song.

It's a great song if you have no brain.

What is the title of this song supposed to be called again? It seemed more like Ode to a Corpse With No Arms. (the song was really called "Better Brother")

The scariest part of reading the reviews is the number of spelling and grammar mistakes out there. I hope it's not a true representation of the intelligence level of people in our country....

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seven said...

I love reading those things... and yeah, wow. The spelling and grammar are seriously lacking.