Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unite For Change

I'm having an Obama house party on Saturday. If you live nearby, you're more than welcome to come! My daughter is telling everyone she sees about it and has invited all the kids from Soccer Camp! It's online at I've got this nifty flyer to hand out and they say I should "tell my story" at the gathering. Here's what I've put together:

I remember, when I was a teenager, my dad talking about JFK and what a devastating day it was when he was assassinated. He talked about how loved John Kennedy was and about the outpouring of grief from our nation afterward. He told me that JFK made you feel proud to be an American. I remember thinking how cool that must have been and that I certainly didn’t feel that way about any president past or present. I also remember thinking that a president like that would never come around again.

When Barack Obama first started campaigning, I began to hope that I might be wrong. The more I learned about him, the movement for change, and listened him speak, the more my hope grew. Perhaps it grew a little too much as I am now finding things that bring it down a little. His decision to forgo public financing, his campaign not allowing women wearing headscarves to stand near him, succumbing to the pressure to wear a flag pin – they’re all little things that remind me he is human and susceptible to the temptations of power. The hope is still there though and his message of changing Washington and restoring the reputation of the United States keeps it going.

Why am I involved.

  • I’m becoming more active and feel more empowered the older I get. I truly believe that we, as individuals, can come together and achieve great things.
  • We’re headed in the wrong direction in Iraq.
  • I’m tired of partisan politics and Washington gridlock.
  • I want to restore the power to the people instead of to powerful special interests.
  • The Obama campaign thinks I can help.
  • I trust in Obama’s leadership and feel that he is telling the truth. He is intelligent, and because of his upbringing, has a good understanding of other regions and customs which should be an asset in foreign policy.
  • I’m the daughter of an immigrant and feel fortunate to be a US citizen.
  • I’m concerned with Global Warming and how we can restore a balance.
  • I’m outraged and embarrassed over our countries violations of human rights in Guantanamo and other secret prisons.
  • I think civil rights for African Americans will progress further under the leadership of Barack.

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