Friday, June 6, 2008

Thanks, Mom & Dad!

My parents have been visiting for a week. While they've been here they've:
  • caught me up on laundry
  • fixed my favorite childhood meal
  • taught my son a complicated domino game
  • played Legos with my son for ten times the amount of time that I have patience to do
  • got my daughter to make her bed and clean her desk
  • pulled a ginormous tick off our cat
  • helped us to keep our house from flooding from a pipe leak
  • helped create the ultimate party snack for my daughters end-of-the-year class party (posted picture)
  • purchased the Mother's Day gift I was denied
  • took my dog out first thing so I could sleep in
I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but even this partial list is pretty impressive. My parents are awesome and I'm so lucky to have them. As my son said out of the blue the other day, "When Abue and Pappy die, I will cry my eyes out!" It's a morbid sentiment but I completely agree with it!

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David A. Davison said...

Tell them hello from me and I hope they are doing well!