Thursday, January 15, 2009

My poor uneducated son!

Last night, I let me ten year old daughter stay up thirty extra minutes to read. This did not go down well with my seven year old son who was told to go to bed. What followed was an emotional plea using his most persuasive arguments to try and convince us to change our minds and let him have the same privilege. It was so hard to listen with a straight face but it went something like this.

"You don't care about educating my mind because she gets to read books with new words and is learning new words and I have to go to sleep." (note: his choice of reading material was a Lego catalog that he's looked at and studied for about twenty solid hours already) "I'm horrible at math and Adam can do it way faster than me and you don't care about my mind's education at all and he will always be better than me. All I want to do is educate myself and you let her get smarter but not me. You make me sleep and sleep won't help me get smarter."

I kept having to look down while he ranted because if he saw the smile on my face this would've enraged him further. When he was done with me and realized I wouldn't budge he then began the process all over again with dad. This went on for about thirty minutes so he DID get to stay up afterall! I guess he got us!

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