Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaza conflict resolution

Tim Minchin is awesome! He's talented, smart, funny, sexy and has a cool accent! Not only that, but he has the solution to this mess in Gaza. I am so fed up with the adolescent logic on BOTH the Israeli and Palestinian sides about who started it and why they HAVE TO do what they're doing. All their arguments are lame and the need to figure out how to get along and stop making innocent and even non-innocent people suffer. That's why Tim's solution is so great! After you watch this, go to YouTube and check out his other stuff! My favorites are Canvas Bags, Not Perfect, If I Didn't Have You and Take My Wife. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Many Palestinians are Christians or atheists and they do eat pigs. So I am afraid Tim Minchin has to do his research before mocking a conflict that is a result of occupation and apartheid, which HAS to end. Many Israelis agree with this. Before these two evils were introduced to the region, Jews (who were not Israeli-- some were also Palestinian at the time), Christians and Muslims lived in peace. Much more peacefully than they were in Europe.