Friday, January 16, 2009

A message from last year's me!

I posted something last year about receiving a message from one-year-younger me. I got another message today. In it I say:
I'm so hoping that the next time I read this Barack Obama will be our president! Is he???
I love answering that one!

Here are some other highlights:
I'm at *** lbs. lately, I'm hoping this message finds me way lighter! HA!

I'm working on getting a new roof for the house, getting it painted, finishing my son's room, getting a kitchen table, painting the great room and cleaning up the garden.

On January 19th in 2007 & 2008 I've colored my hair purply red. Will I do it again???

I hope I'm not feeling like a total failure when I read this again.....

I still like you, though, future me!
Good thing the past me likes me because I'm not lighter, I still haven't finished my son's room, got a kitchen table or cleaned up the garden! I'm calling today to get an appointment to get my hair colored!

I love these messages! I'm going to go send future me another one now!

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