Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Advice for those planning a kid's party....

Let me preface this entry by saying I love a good party. I really do! More and more, though, I'm finding that my kids are being invited to HUGE blowouts hosted by their friends that are complete free-for-alls. I know the parents have the best intentions and only want to put together something fun for thier kids and their kid's friends. It's a nice sentiment! But they're getting carried away and safety is being sacrificed. So far, the majority have produced no serious injuries/incidents but I think it's just a matter of time.

If you're planning a party for elementary aged children or younger, here's some tips that I recommend:

  • Invite only as many children as you can safely supervise yourself or let the parents know they need to stay.

  • If holding the event at a public place, make sure the establilshment is properly staffed for safety and that the kids can be contained and not wander off.

  • Keep the activities flowing from the start to the end of the party so the children's energy is properly directed.

  • Keep the guest list to children who your child suggests (of course steer them away from those whose influence is not desirable).

  • Do not view the party guest list with a social agenda for yourself (i.e. invite so-and-so's child because the mom will be mad at you if you don't).

  • Don't keep track to see if those children who were invited reciprocate the invitation later. If you're child doesn't care, why should you?


  • If you ignore any of the above, provide alcoholic beverages to the parents who stay to dull the traumatization they will be experiencing.

    After the gruelling pair of parties that my kids and I attended this past weekend, I am seriously considering removing my kids and myself from the local party circuit!!! My kids might be sad, but they'll be safer!

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