Monday, July 27, 2009

You want to be a parent? You have to pass a test.

Today I read about a horrible event. A woman who was clearly not of sound mind, did something unthinkable to her newborn infant. Something that should never be allowed to happen. I don't know where things fell apart.

Before I adopted my two children, I had to go through an adoption agency's program which included interviews, questionnaires, inspections of my home, etc. I didn't resent any of it because it's important to ascertain that people are qualified to be parents before any child is placed in their care. What I want to know, is why isn't this a requirement for EVERY parent? It should be. The standards don't even need to be that high. Just verify that the people living in the home are not clinically diagnosed with mental illness, that their home is not a death trap, that they have the funds to feed, clothe, care for a child. Just basic stuff.

The other sad thing is too many people are afraid to speak up when they see something that looks wrong. I myself have seen moms lose it in public places with their kids and thought it wasn't enough to say something. Who knows? It could've been just a bad moment but it could've been something that happens regularly. At least once a day I act in ways that I am not proud as a result of my children pushing my buttons. Nothing big, just little things like lowering myself to their childish level in an argument or digging my heels in about something that I could let go. It's so hard being a parent!

If there were free ongoing classes on how to manage through parenthood, I would so be there to learn more. I feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants most of the time. How cool would it be require all parents to attend classes throughout their parenthood years to help us be the best we can be? Then you'd be able to catch all the whack-o's who are veering off track before bad, crazy things happen.

It's just part of my plan to make this world more perfect.......

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