Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Message to the Palestinians

My husband laughed at me for doing this but I think it's pretty cool! If you go to this website, you can pay a nominal fee and they'll spray paint your message on the barrier wall between Israel and Gaza. My husband thinks they photoshopped it and it's some scam being run in Pittsburgh or some less exotic place but I'm thinking it's legit.

Anyway, the purpose of my message is to let the Palestinians know that I am thinking of them and wish them happiness. Of course I want the Israelis to be happy too. I wish they could both find a way to do this.

My messages says, "Ellie in the USA wishes Palestians could move freely & be happy." Here are the photos they sent me (they guy spraying it is kinda cute):

Click on any of the photos to enlarge....


ChefBliss.com said...

I don't care where the wall it -- I believe it's where it should be and I think this is cool!!

David A. Davison said...

I think it's nice, but wouldn't it be in arabic for them to read it and understand it? Just a thought. Like someone spraying a message in French in our town, no one would know what it said.

Anonymous said...

this project is real and your message is certainly on there. if you like i can ask someone to check it for you, but i'd have to know where it is located, as the wall is hundreds of miles long. there are many similar projects and i just translated a documentary about texts sprayed by a south african writer... there is also amazing graffiti by the artist banksy on the wall near bethlehem.

david, palestinians speak english as so many of us have been raised in exile, while others learned it at school. the main purpose that these texts have is for the foreign community and for israelis to witness support for palestinians, as these texts serve as a non-violent protest to apartheid. also, since some of these texts are sprayed on the "israeli" side of the wall (where many palestinians live as well), the ones trapped inside the "green line' (aka imprisoned behind the apartheid wall) won't be able to read them anyway.