Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blog Malaise

Yesterday, my sister-in-law rightly pointed out how Facebook has drawn my attention away from my lovely blog. Last year, the same thing happened with MySpace but it didn't last because MySpace turned out to be a very sad, place full of narcissistic people taking risqué pictures of themselves. Facebook is much more fun and I've found a TON of old childhood / high school / college / past work friends (and a few old boyfriends - harmless because there are none of the old feelings left and I am happily married, OK?). All of you readers of my blog should join! Anyway, for those of you who don't "facebook," here's just a week's worth of my life through status updates:

  • Ellie is wearing her jelly bean necklace so it's gonna be a good day!

  • Ellie thinks VMI's new lunch spot is awesome and almost peed her pants because there's a Quiznos in it!!!!

  • Ellie is reliving her battle with the intestinal bug vicariously.

  • Ellie just spent $2.84 at Goodwill to entertain her kids for the rest of the afternoon!

  • Ellie is blinded by the whiteness!

  • Ellie is listening to her daughter sing "What I Like About You" on the karaoke machine. She's pretty good!

  • Ellie doesn't want to start any blasphemous rumours.......

  • Ellie has had a change of heart and decided she shouldn't pass judgement on Sunday morning stoned guys.

  • Ellie saw some robots today and was relieved they didn't stage an uprising.

  • Ellie wants her mom. Mamita....¿Dónde está usted cuando estoy enferma?

  • Ellie is Blago got Burris' son a job?! C'MON!!! Resign already!!!!

  • Ellie HAD to add salt to her low sodium soup......
  • Ellie thinks those raised as only children should be required to enroll in sharing seminars.

  • Ellie just ate a ham sandwich on Ash Wednesday! D'oh!!!
  • Ellie is putting on her nurse hat today but promises not to call anyone "pathetic."

OMG! That means I change my status 2.14 times a day! Besides doing that, I am checking out everyone's pictures, posting my own pictures, IMing, posting links & clips, commenting on everyone else's stuff, taking care of my SuperPoke Pet (it sounds ridiculous, even as I'm typing it), giving out virtual gifts. I'm out of control! Cheri is right!!! No wonder my house is such a mess!

I plan on getting a grip soon, just one more quick peek at Facebook......

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