Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lego drama

About a month ago, my seven year old son got it into his head that he HAD to have a Lego Boba Fett. He came to this conclusion after trying to alter no less than three Lego Clone Troopers with a Sharpee (pictured on the right) and not being satisfied with the results. The problem with wanting a Lego Boba Fet is that Lego does not sell them anymore. That makes them only available through third parties who charge crazy inflated prices for discontinued/rare items. We located one on for a mere $34.98. That the price.....for ONE, ONE INCH Lego guy. My son thought that was totally reasonable and forked down his entire lifetime savings in front of us and pleaded for us to order it. We thought, "Wow! He must really, really want this!" So the order was placed.

He seemed happy about his purchase until last week when he decided that what he really wants is 99,999 Clone Troopers to form an army (this has actually now been requested in his letter to Santa despite my warning that greedy kids end up with coal). He asked my husband if it was OK to trade his Boba Fett for a Clone Trooper from Jeremiah. My husband said no way and then made a tactical error, in my view. He offered to buy back Boba Fett and let our son have the money to buy more Legos! My son did this one other time when he got the Transformer Helicopter guy and then, after playing with him for awhile, decided he really wanted another Transformer and got my husband to buy him another one in exchange for giving the helicopter guy to Scott.

Today, he LOST Boba Fett! He posted this sign on his door:

He was inconsolable surrounded by his thousand of Legos MINUS the Boba Fett. I had zero sympathy for the guy. Seriously. Does this not sound spoiled to you? I wish I had the guts to actually go through with the coal threat (I don't). What I do have to do is get my husband to quit making it worse. We have since found Boba Fett after he got stepped on by one of my daughters friends. I think I'll kidnap him tonight and hold him ransom......

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