Sunday, August 17, 2008

I hate cancer

I just found out today the Leroy Sievers died on Friday. I have been following his blog, My Cancer, ever since I found out my friend Ann had it which was back in the fall of 2006. I wanted to hear from someone who was going through it, what those around them could do to help. Leroy wrote about his illness, his frustrations, his triumphs, and everyday life with such honesty and humor that I couldn't stop reading. Even after Ann lost her battle last November, I have continued to check in and cheer Leroy on. Now he's gone and I had no idea that it was that close! I remember thinking the same thing when Ann died.

I also recently bought The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch who passed away recently. I'm halfway through reading it. I remember after buying his book, going to his webpage and thinking, "This guy is going to beat it." Then, a few weeks later, I found out he's gone too. Everyone should watch the lecture that inspired the book.

My friend Sonia died awhile ago leaving her husband and six year old son. That was my first experience with cancer taking someone I knew. After she died, I thought a lot about how I want to live the rest of my life and not take so much for granted. Sonia gave me that perspective but I'd trade it any day for having her back.

So far no one in my family has been diagnosed with it (I'm knocking on wood now) and I pray that no one ever will. I am so sad about losing friends and people I don't even know - what would I ever do if it happened to someone in my family? I would lose my mind, I think.

To all those who have lost someone to cancer, I am thinking of you today and sending warm thoughts. Rest in peace, Leroy, you made the world a better place and will be missed by many.

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