Monday, August 25, 2008

Emails from my favorite person!

I just receive a message from myself from last year. It's so cool! I've been doing it for two years on It's simple. You just type yourself a message, decide at which point in the future you should receive it (I've been doing exactly one year), and then forget about it!

Highlights from my first message that I sent in August 2006 and received August 2007 were:
  • I weighed 133 lbs! What I wouldn't give for that to be my weight today!
  • I thought we'd still be at war in Iraq.
  • I hoped Hillary wouldn't win the nomination. (It came true! YAY!)
The message the 2007 me sent to the me today set some goals. Let's see how I did:
  • I planned on making homemade Christmas gifts for everyone in my family. (Ummmm, not unless my entire family wants to share one knitted washcloth.)
  • I would finish the 2006 scrapbook and start on 2007. (No progress here.)
  • I wanted to travel to some fun new places. (I'm getting depressed.)
  • I planned on going to my 25 year reunion to see my high school friends. (They all bailed so it's not my fault this didn't happen.)
  • I wanted to grow spiritually. (Hard to measure but I actually think I did.)
So........ the goals were a bust for the most part. Future me will not be receiving any more of these, I don't think. I won't tell you what I did write because I want to forget so I can be surprised when I get my next message. ; )

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David A. Davison said...

It's been two days and no new posts, especially about Obama? Are you under the weather?