Monday, November 10, 2008

He still has his hand out!

Alright, I volunteered to help the Obama campaign. I put in time and money to help the cause. Throughout the whole process, I received weekly emails asking for more money. I would then turn to the TV and see a barrage of ads from my candidate (some good and some bad) and think, do I want to help fund more of this?! I stayed firm for the most part, but did fall for the "dinner with Barack" bait. My chances of winning were probably smaller than playing Powerball. I DO think that all my time, energy and monetary donations were worth it in the end and I have no regrets.

But, TODAY, almost a week after the election was called, I received in my inbox ANOTHER request. In it, the campaign says,
The Democratic National Committee poured all of its resources into building our successful 50-state field program. And they played a crucial role in helping Barack win in unlikely states like North Carolina and Indiana. We even picked up an electoral vote in Nebraska.

The DNC took on considerable debt to make this happen.
Then they ask me to donate $100 and I'll get this t-shirt.

Does this look like a $100 t-shirt to you????? It sure doesn't look like it is to me! Do I feel beholden to the DNC for spending money they didn't have to help out? No, I don't. Do I find this email way tacky? Yes, I do! As far as I'm concerned, everyone who helped out in the campaign should get this t-shirt for free and Barack Obama should make campaign finance reform a goal before the next round of elections.

Other than that, I have no complaints and think President-Elect Obama is doing a FINE job!

UPDATE - 11/12/08 - I just received another email informing me that you now only have to "donate" $30 for one of these fabulous shirts......Nah!

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